Upgrade to 14.0.1

Updater error in 14.0.1
Stuck on deleting old files… updater hangs

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@Fred_Dresken_Maveric I’ve had a similar issue and the details at my end have been like this:

I’m hosting 4 Nextcloud installations and ran my Ansbile playbook to update on one of those first which went through smoothly. Then a ran the playbook on all 4 simulatiously and it hang on the other 3 when running the occ upgrade task. From the console I was able to fetch the output which stated that upgrade was waiting for cron to finish but there was no cron running at all.

I’ve canceled the tasks and tried running occ upgrade manually with the same output running in an infinite loop. I then tried to run cron.php which finished immediately.

On GitHub I then found a hint to run this SQL query: UPDATE oc_jobs SET reserved_at=0; and then a ran occ upgrade again which worked nicely through the tasks as expected.

How I got into this scenario? I don’t know but I have an idea: while I deployed the new code (update from 14.0.0 to 14.0.1) and before the task with occ upgrade got started, maybe the system cron cicked in and ran cron.php which then left a value in that DB table where that column was non-zero and from that on the other tasks ran in a circle.


2 minutes after the error I ran ‘retry update’ in the updater app and everything went smoothly, as always :wink: