Upgrade to 12: integrity check for .htaccess failed

Hi there,

I just upgraded from NC 11 to 12 on a hosted enviroment.

After running the web upgrader (only thing I could access) everything seems to run smooth but i get some errors, amongst them saying .htacess integrity check failed. it says “invalid hash”

Note: as with previous updates, I did write the .htaccess and .config.php from my backup to the webserver after update was finished. was this the wrong procedure?


The .htaccess could also change during an update. Take the new one, there is normally a line, below this line you can put your specific modifications.


To clarify for me: I would best download the whole NC 12 package, unpack it, take the .htaccess from there and copy the additional files from my old .htacess to the new one, right?

yes. You only keep your data-folder and config/config.php from your old setup.

If I use the “new” .htaccess which comes with NC 12, I will get a lot of security errors when I look into Nextcloud web interface. Probably due to me being in a hosted enviroment.

I do love Nextcloud and I think it´s a great tool - but for an enduser like me, its tremendously complicated & unsafe to start copying some lines from old .htacess to the new .htaccess without really knowing, what they mean or what they do.

For a Nextcloud-User-Standpoint, its a problem, if you will need a professionell admin service everytime an update comes out and you have to reset a lot of stuff. It would probably be wise to offer some kind of installation & maintenance service. I am ready to pay a regular fee, if I can trust the guys that they know what to do and don´t toy around with my password or - maybe thats a good idea: if you can buy an installation service at Nextcloud and once an update comes out, they team at NC just sends out an info “Hi, for your installation ,please change the following codes in your .htaccess/config etc…” - then NC team would not be in the problem to have or need passwords and the lower to middle class end users like myself could live with the changes which come from version to version much easier… and probably error reporting would also be much more effective, because you “see” augmenting problems at lot of different installations quick and have collected solutions at hand?

by the way, .htaccess again giving integrity warning again after using the “NC12-.htaccess” were I updated a few lines to avoid security warning

It really depends on the hosted environment, there are some where it is not possible to run Nextcloud.

Nextcloud itself only has enterprise support, but others provide individual services:

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Thanks for linking that T&M Shop, looks like an interesting alternativ for services, however, its of course different to find some internet shop without really knowing who is behind it as opposed to an official Nextcloud core team or so.

My hosted enviroment has been running so far quite good on NC 11 with great help of my hoster domainfactory - their support really went out of their way to help me with adapting .htaccess etc, but of course, this is not a solution you can always count on.

So I appreciate any help in getting my .htacess to avoid integrity warnings

@enoch85 builds the official NC VM, but not directly an employee of NC.

I don’t understand the fuss about .htaccess, just check what you added in the previous version and copy it in again in the new version.

@lexI’ve been hanging around ownCloud/Nextcloud since 2013, I made a VM for ownCloud (still do), and now I make the official Nextcloud VM.

I understand your concern, but I’m not a “fishy guy”. :slight_smile:

I don´t know if there is a fuss about .htaccess, I am just trying to react to the warnings I get in the Nextcloud admin cockpit…

Again it looks like being externally hosted is causing the problems. If you were self-hosted and upgraded (after a backup) you’d have been able to copy the htaccess across, which is what I’ve done on every manual update.

There are no security issues copying text from the old to the new htaccess, so nothing to be concerned about.

Well, I didnt do that on the last upgrade by intent, I used the new .htaccess (I think because somebody here suggested it!) and then I added the “individual lines” of my former .htaccess. So now, I don´t have any more settings or security warnings, but I get the integrity warning.

We recently had a problem in 12.0.2 that users kept getting kicked out of the web UI, so HostISO did the update on NextCloud to 12.0.5 and checked settings. We are having this same .htaccess warning issue now. My comment is just to report that even with a listed provider this bug is happening.

I am using HostISO to host Nextcloud because they were on the list of NextCloud “approved” hosts in the U.S. and to be clear, their support is great, and we like them so far.

We use NextCloud for a small business with ~75 users as an alternative to Dropbox and Box. I’ll just say it would be MUCH easier for companies like this (and consultants like me) to use NextCloud if you guys offered a true NextCloud hosted solution, not a “hey these generic hosting companies will install NextCloud for you with a script and then you still need to maintain the installation”. HostISO has been great, and NextCloud is very promising, but this and the admin UI seem to be the only major hurdles to more widespread adoption.

Keep up the great work.