Upgrade redis server

Nextcloud version: 27.1.4
Operating system and version: Ubuntu 22.04.3LTS
Apache or nginx version :_ Apache 2.4.52
PHP version : 8.2.1

I recently upgraded Nextcloud from Ubuntu 20.04 LTS to 22.04.3LTS. I installed the redis server using the commands below:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install redis-server
sudo apt-get install php-redis
sudo systemctl start redis-server
sudo systemctl enable redis-server

The current version of redis-server is 6.0.16. I would like to upgrade the redis server to latest version and am looking for the best way to do it to avoid any disruptions.


It is normal not to use a newer redis server. Use the redis server in your distribution version. Nextcloud will not be able to use newer features of the redis server anyway. On server systems, the main focus is on stability and not on novelty.

redis server in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
redis server in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

wait for (probably)
redis server 5.7 in Ubuntu 24.04 LTS

Same in Debian: https://packages.debian.org/redis-server

Same for PHP look PHP 8.1 in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

It is simply completely unnecessary and risky to use software from a third-party source. Nextcloud does not require this and good administrators only do this when it is really necessary.