Upgrade on NC 22 : Internal server error => APCu cache

Hi everyone,

On a fresh installation of Nextcloud in 21 with a Redis cache and APCu => no worries !

On this same installation, an upgrade to NC 22 gives me an error 500 “Internal server error” without output logs.
After searching, it’s the local cache part that causes problems. Indeed, if I comment the line //'memcache.local' => '\OC\Memcache\\APCu', from my Nextcloud configuration => no more worries.

I have the same behavior if I am on PHP7.3, PHP7.4 or 8.0. Noted that I deactivated all the applications to see if a plugin could be the cause of this error, and without anything activated I have qua

So for now it works on NC 22, but without local cache. :slight_smile:

Similar problem here : Internal Server Error After Updating to 22 - #2 by jctace

Does anyone have any info, a temporary fix or anything ?

Thans in advance.

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I also have this error on Nextcloud 21 with PHP8.0-fpm