Upgrade NC22.2.0 - Contacts menu icon is missing

After upgrading to NC22 the main menu icon for the contacts app is missing although the app is installed, activated and working as expected.

Running occ maintenance:repair does not help either.
Is anyone else seeing this problem?

Deleting all local data from the browser (latest firefox) has no effect.
Tested it in Chrome with the same result.

Cannot confirm.

Just updated to NC v22.2.0 and app version v2.3.4

icon is there like before.

Thanks for the feedback.
At the moment I have no idea what the problem could be.

@rakekniven You said app v2.3.4
After the upgrade i have contacts v4.0.3
Does v2.3.4 refer to the contacts app?

Same here for contacts.

v2.3.4 was about calendar, sorry.

Please create a new account and log in. Still the same?

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