Upgrade NC 27.1.6 to 28.0.2 impact on Tesseract OCR

With upgrade from 27.1.6 to the app

Full text search - Files - Tesseract OCR

has till today no candidate for NC 28. Yes we know, the responsibility for the app update doesn’t have nextcloud but the app admin, so far ok.

I have disabled the app before using the updater.phar because i’ve got a hint in the webui for the incompatibility.
The ocr process before indexing *.docs or *.pdfs is now frozen, right? What happen if there will be an update one day, will the ocr process also re-index missing files? Will i have to re-index all manually again? Will the process proceed with files uploaded to my nextcloud after a possible update without any interference or are occ commands nexcessary to bring all in shape again?

Yes, i know, on github are allready asking people for the inconvenience of the missing Tesseract OCR version for NC 28 but i think it’s enough voices for that in the wild - so i just want to get a bit clearance what happen when the request have been answered by a NC 28 compatible upgrade.

Thanks all!