Upgrade Hub4 to Hub5

This is probably the wrong place to post this but I don’t know where else to ask.

Is there an upgrade doc to go form Hub4 to Hub5? I’m running the Docker container.

Thanks for any help.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

This might help: GitHub - nextcloud/docker: ⛴ Docker image of Nextcloud

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This is an old post and i have not tested it but it looks like it might also work.

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My procedure, which is proven to work for minor and major updates and upgrades of Nextcloud in Docker:

  1. First of all, run the Docker container with a persistent (named) volume for /var/www/html. This is essential for the procedure to work.

  2. Then, to update, stop the nextcloud container and remove it.

  3. Pull the nextcloud-docker-image with the desired higher version from Docker-Hub.

  4. Start the container with this image and the volume for /var/www/html.

So this is the sequence I am using to keep Nextcloud up-to-date:

docker stop nextcloud
docker rm nextcloud
docker pull nextcloud:latest
docker run -d -v nextcloud:/var/www/html --name nextcloud -p 8080:80 --restart unless-stopped nextcloud:latest

Nextcloud will go into maintenance mode then, does its upgrade, and leave maintenance mode after that. You may follow the progress with

docker container logs -f nextcloud

Once Nextcloud is up again and ready to accept connections, login as an admn and verify the setup on the admin overview page. Sometimes there are things suggested to do manually, like adding new database indices.

Note that this is for using the Nextcloud-Image standalone with the built-in sqlite. If you use another db, you should have a docker-compose yaml describing your setup, at least if you are running the db in a docker container as well. Using docker compose the process may even be simplified . A docker-compose up should do the trick if you told docker compose to use nextcloud:latest as the image.

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