Upgrade from Version 27 to 28

hello, is it possible to update NextCloud from Version 27 to 28?


Hi @owegen, yes it is possible to upgrade to Nextcloud 28, you can launch the updater from the web UI by going to the admin setting and overview.
The second option is to launch the updater using a prompt on the server.

source: Upgrade via built-in updater — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

If you don’t have the opportunity to launch the update yet, you will in the future. Each update is rolled out progressively to everyone.

hi @Mageunic, many thanks for you ansmwer. I don’t see this option in the web UI in the Admin settings. Any idea how long I have to wait?

hi @owegen,

Please go to → Adminstration → Overview as Admin and you should see it.
Please also check Current update channel


But it says that I already have the latest version installed:

Version is 27.1.5.
“The version is up to date”
Update channel is “stable”

Switch to Beta, reload the page and install the update. After that switch back to stable.

With the beta channel you can force it :slight_smile:

When I switch to Beta, it shows “Nextcloud 27.1.6 RC2” instead of Nextcloud 28. How do I get it to show Nextcloud 28?

The last option to force upgrade is this method : Upgrade manually — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

You will need to have terminal access to do it and make a backup of your database nextcloud directory and data directory to rollback in case of an issue

I have the same problem as Dansil except I’m on 27.1.6. Stable channel says I’m on the latest release. Beta channel shows 28.0.2 RC5. I don’t particularly want to do a manual update and would prefer to use the updater like I always do!

What are the conditions that might block the updater from showing 28 as the latest?

I would advise a bit of patience. V28.0.2 is due for release later this week and should be considered as stable. In the weeks thereafter it should automatically show for everyone (staggered release) currently on v27. I would not advise to manually upgrade to v28 for a production instance right now. Current v28.0.1 had a lot of issues and may or may not work for you.

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Upgrades to new major releases are rolled out in waves, so not everybody gets a notification in the webUI right after a new version was released. In some cases it can take servral weeks. However you should be able to “force” the upgrade by running the CLI updater: Upgrade via built-in updater — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

In the case of 28, however, it’s probably for the best you haven’t upgraded yet, as @iamhives already said, there are quiet a few regressions and unsolved issues with 28.0.1.

In general, I recommend waiting at least until the first or even second point release is out before upgrading your production instance, and and even then, I wouldn’t recommend to upgrade blindly. Either set up a separate test instance, or at least check the forums and Github for known issues before upgrading to new major releases.

So what you’re effectively saying is that 27. 1.6 is the latest ‘stable’ version? I’m glad that 28 isn’t available to me then! People who do have access to 28 as the stable version probably would have like to know this before they upgraded.