Upgrade from Owncloud 10.1.0 to Nextcloud not doing anything

I’m attempting use the upgrade path to switch from Owncloud 10.1.0 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS to Nextcloud.

I tried the web based upgrade path outlined here: https://nextcloud.com/blog/get-up-to-date-with-the-new-nextcloud-updater/ but it just said “Your version is up to date”.

I proceeded with running updater.phar (mentioned in the next section of the article) and the command line said:

Nextcloud Updater - version: 1.0.2

Current version is 10.1.0.
Everything is up to date.

What am I missing?

It turns out there is a better source of information for migrating. Instead of blog and forum posts, follow: https://nextcloud.com/migration/