Upgrade from nextcloud 10 to version 11 remained to version 10


I upgrade owncloud 9 to nextcloud 10 with updater script. I put index.php into updater folder.
Everything works fine except next uopdate to version 11. I get a notification to update to version 11 but when Nexclout check the update he want migrate from Nextcloud 10.0.5 to 10.0.5 version :scream:

Because of index.php move before the first update ?
Why can I update ?


Have you considered doing a manual upgrade? I’d highly recommend looking at the documentation but as always, make sure your config.php, database, and data is backed up:


It takes a little bit more work, but I think it’s a reliable step to take. I did manual upgrades from 9-10 but did the updater from 10-11 and 11-12, but I didn’t start with owncloud. So I’d recommend manual for 10-11