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I’ve got a NC server at home for several years and i have always made the upgrades.
These last months i’ve got many things to do and I lost the rythm of the upgrades. I am in NC25. One day I check the upgrades, and don’t see anything (In my administration page, all it’s ok).
Several month later, nothing.
I didn’t realize that i was too late for updating from the web interface.

I think maybe i can make a fresh install and migrate to the new server. I’ve already done that it was fine.
I have read the installation manual and view it’s possible to rename the major nextcloud directory in “nextcloud2” and lanch a script in an new"nextcloud" directory. I think it’s almost the same, isn’t it ?

Before beginning a big upgrade I prefer ask to you :
Can you explain me the best way to upgrade manually to NC 26, then 27 then… ?


Hello @SylvainC

I could probably give thousands of tips here, but I would say it’s better if you just read through the official documentation:
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Take care on the current PHP version:
Nextcloud 25 supports PHP 7.4 to 8.1
Nextcloud 26, 27 only run with PHP 8.0 to 8.2
Nextcloud 28 and higher support PHP 8.0 to 8.3

Yes you are right, thank you.
I am on php 7.4 actually. Do you think that NC admin webpage don’t propose me the upgrade because I have to upgrade php before ? Or just because it’s not an actual supported version ?

It may be possible - see:

But I don’t know, whether similar settings can be found in Nextcloud 25.

Hello @SchBenedikt

I’m always with my update from NC25 to NC29 in mind.
I have read the manual_upgrade you send me, thanks.
I wil try to sum up what i have understood:

  • upgrade manually my php 7.4 to 8.0 or 8.1 (i’m on debian 11 that doesn’t support php8.x)
  • upgrade manually NC25 to NC26
  • repeat the manual procedure : NC26 → NC27
  • repeat the manual procedure : NC27 → NC28
  • repeat the manual procedure : NC28 → NC29
  • or maybe i can upgrade manually from NC25 to NC29 directly ? I’ve read conflicting things about this. What do you think about this ?
  • optionaly upgrade debian 11 to 12 (and then to php 8.2)

thanks a lot


and yes as described in the manual you have to go the long way upgrading each version one by one. There are many topics related to debian 11 and php updates ans there is an awesome script by ernolf doing automatic PHP upgrades: Php-updater - a script to upgrade php in a safe way

Please spend some time to inform yourself and come back if you hit issues not discussed dozens of times already.


Hello @wwe
Thanks for your quick answer. I followed the steps i have proposed and it was fine. Your precious advice about php-updater was the key to manage to do the upgrade.
You told me to spend time to inform myself, I agree with you. But I was “upside” because in the official page for manual upgrade it is written “download the latest package” (Upgrade manually — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation). I think it’s a bit confusing. Maybe it’s my poor english… Or do you think I have to make a bug report to make the manual modified ?

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you are right in fact the “Upgrade manually” doesn’t include any hint about one version at time upgrade. Maybe it is because the general considerations are mentioned in the top-level How to upgrade article.

People like me doing stuff for long time become “blind” regarding “well-known” stuff - which might be not obvious for other who are not such deep into it. You are welcome to fill a PR with improved wording - explicit mention of “next” rather “latest” version might be more clear.

I think someone has already done the modification on the documentation : fix(admin): Remove "latest" archive reference to avoid accidents · nextcloud/documentation@e6b19af · GitHub
So soon all will be ok.
Thanks everyone for your help

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