Upgrade from NC 19.0.6 to NC 20.0.4 crashed and stuck in Maintenance mode - Fixed

My upgrade crashed at the mail option near the end using the web updater. I had done backups so I wasn’t too concerned. However, every time I went to the home page it kept stating the system was still in maintenance mode. I checked the config file and indeed it was in maint. mode and still said 19.0.6. I changed the maint mode to false and connected to the web page. It stated immediately that it needed to continue the update at the mail program…I click update and 1 minute later I was up and running. Just a tip I stumbled upon for those that run into the maint. mode after a crash and can’t seem to get rid of that state.

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User fixed it.

I’ve just had the same bug. Switching maintnance mode to false in config.php , and reloading the home page, solved the issue.
Many thanks !

Same issue and problem also solved, thanks!

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