UPGRADE from 17.$ to 18.04 go fail


At first, i see the Upgrade Msg on the Admin WebGUI in NC.
I click on Upgrade
the first and second upgrade go fail…
Same as here

OK, i follow the steps for a “new upgrade” via OCC on a BASH Shell
Upgrade via OCC stops at the end with

Repair error: Repair step 'OCA\Talk\Migration\FixNamespaceInDatabaseTables' is unknown

PHP Fatal error: Cannot declare class OCA\Talk\Migration\Version8000Date20200331144101, because the name is already in use in /my/way/NEXTCLOUD/apps/spreed/lib/Migration/Version8000Date20200331144101.php on line 54

My NC is in Maintenance mode, what do i have to do to correct the error?


ok, solved…

i rename the file

make an new occ upgrade - 18.04 is up and running…

Maybe also report the error to https://github.com/nextcloud/spreed (if not already by others).