Upgrade crashes because of http-504 (18.02 to 18.0.3)

Hi. I upgrades Debian GNU/Linux Nextcloud from 18.0.2 to 18.0.3 and it crashes on step 4 and after delete .step in step 9 both because of http-504 . After crashing on step 9 i must restore my daily backup (files and mariadb).

Is there any solution for the web-updater and http-504? Change configuration?
Is there a possibilty for upgrade with “occ upgrade”.
On my restored system 18.0.2 the “occ upgrade” says that all is up to date.

I only use one user with 500 MB in nextcloud-data-dir.
I use shared hosting (with shell-access) at Uberspace (Hoster).

ummm. what exactly is upgrade step 4?

Step 4 was backup. Long time to copy files to backup dir and then http-504

Do you use apache or nginx? Maybe the time for Gateway Timeout is too low. Have you tried to increase it?

I use apache2. What is the correct key and value for setting timeout in apache2?
Can i update with occ?

There should be something like “timeout” in “httpd.conf”, I think 120 seconds is the default value. There are several ressources in the web that describe this.

Sorry. It is nginx:
HTTP Stack: https://manual.uberspace.de/background-http-stack.html
(only nginx -> httpd in this manual on my uberspace account)
PHP Configuraton: https://manual.uberspace.de/lang-php.html

I think i test the webinterface again from another computer.
Is there a “php occ …” command?
Perhaps i must ask my provider.

Not sure about any occ you could use, but I guess you need to change the nginx config as described in this tutorial:

Or, maybe just ask your provider if you don’t have root access to the machine.

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I think it is possible to change the value for php. After the test i write again.

Start at “Own configuration” in

In the normal tutorial (nextcloud for uberspace 7) it is not specified.