Upgrade 29 disabled group folders?

I recently upgraded my home Nextcloud server to version 29. I think that wound up disabling the group folders app.

I looked in the app store, and I see a beta version (17). I reenabled the version I already had installed (16.0.6) and it is working again.

My questions:

  1. is this expected behavior or did I do something wrong?

  2. is there a way to make sure all of my apps will remain available before starting an update?

There are too many apps to check them one-by-one before starting an update. :slight_smile:


The update screen in the Web UI shows which apps are compatible/not compatible when offering an upgrade. I believe it says Apps missing compatible version or something like that.

So, yes, it’s expected behavior if you upgrade Server and an app doesn’t have a published compatible version. :slight_smile:

Presumably there will be a new GF release that is v29 compatible in the relatively near future. Also, v28 is still well supported and will remain so for another 8 months (it will continue to receive security/bug fixes monthly like usual).

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Thanks - your explanation helped!

I admit to some frustration. I started this update because the Overview page said only 1 app had no compatible upgrade (Duplicate Finder) . Then I find myself here:

Two mission critical apps, Group Folder sand Nextcloud Office are not compatible, AND there is no obvious STOP THIS UPGRADE button. Talk about scary!

I sure as heck hope my suspicion that ignoring this page means the upgrade is abandoned, but if I surf home to it I get this page! That scares me. Any of my users can surf in here and they see a Start Update button. Holy mackerel, that’s unprofessional and I’m a dumbo for trusting this upgrade that claimed only one app I don’t need would not be compatible.

Help! How do I abandon the upgrade? I shall be googling presently and experimenting.