Upgrade 11.0.2 to 11.0.3 : Backup failed

Nextcloud version : 10.0.2
Operating system and version : don’t know, shared hosting…
Apache or nginx version : 2.2
PHP version : 7
Is this the first time you’ve seen this error?: no, had it on previous update but worked after retries. I have it again for 10.0.2 => 10.0.3 but can’t get through, even after multiples tries.

Can you reliably replicate it? Yes, every time i try to update. Then i have to disabled maintenance mode and delete .step file to try again.

The issue you are facing: Can’t update from 10.0.2 to 10.0.3, update always fails during backup.

If anyone have a suggestion, that would be great ! Thanks !

Please check your webserver error log and post any related output from there here :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay.
It’s strange, when i look at /index.php/settings/admin/logging, there no logs after 2017-04-26…

I have access to my apache server log if this can be helpful. Is there something i should delete / anonymise before posting it here ?