Updating version 18.0.2

Hi there,

I am just taking over a system that has Nextcloud version 18.0.2

My question is it safe to do a upgrade to 18.0.4 or do I have to do it in version steps till I get to 18.0.4

Thanks for your help in advance

hey… it should be safe to skip minor versions…

but whatever you do you better take backups before you’d proceed.

btw: afaik NC 18 is EOL. Why not updating to some newer version?

I didn’t know that and I was going by what the system showed in the admin settings area

as far as you could skip MINOR versions you should NOT skip MAJOR versions.

so your way of updating should be:
18.0.14 → 19.0.x → 20.0.x (at least)

again: don’t update/upgrade without any backup

and keep an eye on installing messages after upgrading to major versions. pls solve those first before going ahead.