Updating to php74 on running NC19 under CentOS7 with Apache 2.4 mod_php and a lot of modules

Support intro

Is it possible to have two versions and switch between them with only Remi’s (or CentOS 7 standard) tools?

I run NextCloud 19 with PHP 7.2.15 from @remi-php72

and i installed php74 version 7.4.11 release 1.el7.remi from @remi-safe repo in parallel.

I want to have them both in the same time, then install all necessary modules for php74 and restart apache then.

How can i tell system (end specially - Apache/2.4.6 httpd to use another php version?

I know some methods but want to do it “the right way”.

I have no one mention of mod_php or php path or version in configs (both httpd and app).
I do not use php-fpm (there is NO php-fpm service)