Updating to MySQL or other database

The Nextcloud admin page is suggesting me to move away from SQLlite. I’m inclined to do that, but I’m not sure about what I actually need to do.

I run my Nextcloud installaiton on a web hosting account (IONOS) and don’t have superuser access to the installation, just regular ssh. I was able to run some php commands using the “imbed exec statements in a PHP file” trick and I also installed the Web Console app. Both help, mostly.

Besides the bigint conversion, the other open issue is the DB conversion. I read the How-To and it says “php occ db:convert-type [options] type username hostname database” - but here my questions begin. Am I expected to point it to a DB server I set up? Because I think I didn’t do that with SQLlite but instead I think (installation has been a while ago) Nextcloud came with its own DB.

So am I to enter the port, user and password of an existing database, or will it set up a database with the information I provided? If so, do I need to use my webhosting user or any other one?

The documentation is totally ambiguous for me.

Yes, if you run Nextcloud on your own server (which is the most common especially for larger setups due to limitations in hosted environments). For hosted environment, the hoster often provides tools, to setup a database for you, and then you get the database hostname, database name, user credentials etc.

SQLite is just a file, not a real database.



You have to setup either a MariaDB, MySQL or PostgreSQL database for Nextcloud and then connect to that with the username and password you created for this database. On a shared Hosting platform you would most likely create and manage your databases via the web admin panel of your provider: Cpanel, Plesk or whatever they are using…

Ah, well, thank you.

My provider does offer a database for my plan (MySQL and MariaDB) so I just set one up. Let’s see whether I manage to convert Nextcloud to it.

Well, I don’t. I need OCC Web to run OCC commands and I need Maintenance Mode (without OCC Web) to perform the migration. Looks like I’m stuck here.

If your provider doesn’t offer any command line access you could maybe use a one time cron job to execute occ commands…? But I don’t have any expirience with database migration on shared hosting. Maybe it’s easier to download all your files, export the calendar and contacts if you are using them and start over with a fresh install of Nextcloud…

I do have command-line (SSH) access. But I can’t run OCC commands. I tried the cron job trick, but that didn’t work out. See this thread:
Running occ with webhoster (IONOS) - :construction: Installation - Nextcloud community

I suppose I just leave it as it is.