Updating (The following extra files have been found: .cache)


I tried to update Nextcloud from version 27.0.1 to version 27.0.2.
In the check for expected files part I got the error “The following extra files have been found: .cache”


I found a .cache folder in ./.cache with an empty motd.legal-displayed file in there. I’ve tried to move it elsewhere and restarted the server, but the error still appears.

Usually Nextcloud complains about unexpected files only if they are found in the Nextcloud document root, where e.g. the occ script resides. Please check that location too. A cache folder is usually being created in a users home directory. You should make sure that the web users home directory, under which the web server is running, is not the Nextcloud document root folder.

Thank you. I missed this, but found it after re-checking