Updating Nextcloud running in a Docker container on Synology

I run Nextcloud in a Docker container on Synology. Synology has a Container Manager that indicated an update for Nextcloud. Some of my Docker apps indicate in the app itself when a new version is available, and sometimes the Container Manager indicates there’s an update for a Docker image even when the app does not indicate there’s an update.

BTW: When I select the upper right menu and then About I see:

I fail to see how this is helpful at all. There is no indication of what version NC is nor do any of those icons offer any explanation of what they are even when you hover over them.

Under Administration settings, I see:


The Open updater button yields a 404.

Download now downloads a zip file and is not appropriate for somebody running NC in a Docker container. NC should sense if it’s running in a Docker container and give appropriate instructions about how to update. Plex, for example, will update merely by restarting the Docker container. Oh and a button showing what’s new in the release would be really good too.

Since this is only an update of NC I’m hoping it’ll be safe.

OK so I let Container Manager update the image but when I go into NC again it hasn’t updated. How am I supposed to update?

I’m not sure what image you’re running, but some image maintainers disable the web update button in their default config because, yes, it’s basically not used in (most, but not all) Docker images.

You can also disable it yourself in the exact same way in your config.php to avoid confusion with the upgrade.disable-web parameter. Even if you’re using an image that does this in it’s default configuration (in a new installation), your existing installation may predate that behavior so it would not have that setting.

I don’t know anything about Synology’s “Container Manager”, but as for Docker in general, the update/upgrade process is simple enough:

  • update the image(s)
  • restart the container(s)

The update/upgrade process for NC runs when the NC Server app container(s) are restarted.

Maybe you just need to restart your container(s) still.

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AFAICT this is the official Nextcloud Docker Image. It does not disable the update button. The update button leads to 404. IMHO that’s wrong.

Disabling the button is not what is at issue here. Getting to the latest update is the issue. How do I get there?

If by “update the image” you mean docker pull then:

Jupiter:docker image ls nextcloud
nextcloud    latest    aa7599386aad   2 days ago    1.21GB
nextcloud    <none>    d67e7d5f3fb7   4 weeks ago   1.2GB
Jupiter:docker pull nextcloud
Using default tag: latest
latest: Pulling from library/nextcloud
Digest: sha256:bd277bec9a8cf7cc009865e15410c05e0f66ccb6269ed96841cc95dd37c214fe
Status: Image is up to date for nextcloud:latest
Jupiter:docker container restart nextcloud


You appear to be doing the right thing. Not sure why you aren’t seeing the new images. It was posted three days ago on Docker Hub

You can see the details here, but you may need to change the architecture on the following links to get the correct data for your platform for comparison (i.e. to compare the DIGEST).


The official Community Docker image doesn’t currently disable that button, but the official AIO Docker does. I’ve just submitted a PR for the former.

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I fixed this by deleting the container and the image and then doing the pull. So much for Synology’s Container Manager. I was gonna look into Portainer but when the new Synology DSM came out with this Container Manager it seemed to advertise that it’d keep your Docker images and containers up to date but the process is still manual, sometimes seems unnecessary and sometimes messes up. Oh well. Maybe I’ll switch to Portainer later.