Updating from 16.0.3 to 17

Went to update from 16.0.3 to 17 and everything was good until it got to delete files, then it said it couldnt unlink a file and now stuck in maint. mode. Here is the message…

Delete old files

Could not unlink: /var/www/html/updater/…/.user.ini

HELP !!!

Do you have shell access to the server? If yes, just find it via:

sudo find /var/www/html/updater/ -name ".user.ini"

you will see something like this as output:


Copy it and and delete this file via command with output path from above:

sudo rm /var/www/html/updater/blabla/.user.ini

that file doesnt exist where it thinks it does

got past that file but now hungup on this

Delete old files

Could not unlink: /var/www/html/updater/…/core/shipped.json

so i create an empty file and then delete it then it does this

Delete old files

core/shipped.json is not available

keeps going in a circle and i cant seem to break it.

got past delete old files, had to do each one manually but now i get this, how do i solve. i expect to have to do this for everything being copied.

Move new files in place

Could not rename /mnt/cloud-data/updater-ocn567xmn7il/downloads/nextcloud/occ to /var/www/html/updater/…/occ

Check this old tread out, it works for me always: