Updating Calendar App breaks NextCloud 26.0.2

I am running a prebuilt NC VMware virtual machine, it runs off of Ubuntu that I purchased a year ago from Hansson IT. It currently is running NextCloud 26.0.2. The Calendar app, which is at version 4.3.4, says there is an update to 4.4.0.

A month or so ago I had Hansson IT upgrade PHP so I get upgrade NextCloud. I see that Calendar lists a change for PHP 7.4 support. However, when I attempted to upgrade the app from the web interface, it failed, citing a generic error, and then my entire server went down. Attempting to login resulted in “Update needed - please use the command line updater because automatic updating is disabled in the config.php”.

I rebooted the server, same thing. I was not able to get logged back in, so I had to revert to my nightly backup to re-gain access to my server.

Is there a bug with the Calendar App if you have PHP on newer versions? Mine has been updated to PHP-FPM 8.1

I had a strange message during an update of the app as well (I can’t recall the details). Somehow it triggered the maintenance mode and the occ upgrade command from command line seem to have fixed the issue.

Calendar version 4.4.0

@tflidd I ran into the same problem, found a related issue ticket on Github and was able to fix it by running occ upgradetoo.

occ upgrade was the fix for me too.

ref: 4.4.0-alpha.2: Migration step 'OCA\Calendar\Migration\Version4004Date20230414163505' is unknown · Issue #5191 · nextcloud/calendar · GitHub

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Thanks for the replies on occ upgrade. I re-tested it and that did resolve, however I couldn’t use the standard occ commands, I had to use sudo -u www-data /var/www/nextcloud/occ upgrade to get it to go.

it’s still the standard command, we just left out the part that you have to run this with the correct user permissions since that varies with systems (www-data is for Debian/Ubuntu-like systems, and perhaps others).
But thanks for the feedback that it worked for you as well.