Updates on the Nextcloud app contest

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Is this the first time you hear about the Nextcloud app contest? Learn more!

New deadline: publish your app until September 1st

We’ve noticed that many recent apps that got a certificate for publishing are not in the app store yet. Please, make sure your app is in the app store on the 1st of September so it is part of the contest!!!

Check our new developer page or let us know if you need anything to make that happen! And please keep in mind: an app doesn’t have to be perfect to be in the app store! The idea matters. With help from the wider community, you’ll be able to improve it after its first release. This is open source: release early, release often!

You might be one of the top contenders 💝💝💝

Did we miss your app? Let us know!

Here is a list of new apps we could find that have been published in the app store after July 17, the day when the contest was announced.
If you have published your app around then or even after August 29 and we missed it, let us know. Email us so we can include it in the contest!

Apps apps apps!

Published apps we found:

And again: publish your app in the appstore before September 1st even if it is not perfect yet! We know you have the certificate 😉

Join us in the Nextcloud conference

Have you marked the dates? The Nextcloud conference takes place on September 14-15 in Berlin. All app developers get a free ticket for the event. Shoot us an email and we will provide you with a free ticket 🙂


What I would really love to see is that the built-in app-store in Nextcloud can list both new apps and apps recently updated, including a short changelog. :slight_smile:

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See New apps contest: Vote for the best Nextcloud app! as well


Being able to rate app inside your Nextcloud would be nice too.