Updater.phar only offer old Stable release

I tried to update my running Nextcloud with the Version 21.0.9, because this Version is not compatible with PHP Version 8.1.20.

When is run the updater.phar it offers only to Update to my already installed Version 21.0.9:

Update to Nextcloud 21.0.9 available. (channel: "stable")
Following file will be downloaded automatically: https://download.nextcloud.com/server/releases/nextcloud-21.0.9.zip
Open changelog ↗

How is it possible update to a more higher version then 21.0.9 with updater.phar?

Thanks for help.

Nextcloud 22 is not compatible with PHP 8.1 either, compatibility only starts with Nextcloud 24. Downgrade to PHP 8.0 then do the upgrade properly.

Thanks for your Answer.
And when i can not downgrade to PHP 8.0. What can i do?
The PHP Version is set from my Server Provider. So its not an option for me.

you can ask the provider to temporarily enable old PHP so you can upgrade to a current PHP version.

If this is not possible try to backup your data, install temporary server (e.g. docker) where you run all the upgrades and migrate back to the production one once you are ready…

In the future you better run the upgrades more often and don’t use unsupported packages!