Update von 17 zu 28

is there any special cases to take care about when updating Nextcloud from version 17 to Nextcloud HUB 28.

Thanks for any advice!

Yes. Use must update all single releases (18,19,20, …,26,27). Also the most releases are End of Life see here. I think you can better (maybe must) install Nextcloud 27 (actual newest release), create the users manually, copy the old data in the correct Nextcloud data folders and then use
sudo -u www-data php occ files:scan --all
that Nextcloud DB knows the files. documentation

All other stuff e.g. shares are lost.
Make a backup before your actions.

Running through all the versions isn’t that much of a problem itself. What might be a bit tricky, is the support of php versions, there is not a single version of php that supports all these Nextcloud versions.

If you install new and convert the data, you will still loose all the shares, app data etc. Many of the apps store things in the database, but their tables can also change from version to version, so you can’t easily copy & paste the table contents (might work for some).

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if I install a clean version of 27.
What do I have to care about when using the users from ldap?

does nextcloud use everytime the same folders in the data folder for the ldap users?

Is there a cheet sheet how to make each update step by step.
And when do i need to take care about the php version? If I run each update on its own 17-18-19----27… Does each update process take care about updating php also?

For requirements you can use the links:
(change the number in the url)

At one point you must change your operating system release e.g. Ubuntu or Debian and then you get also a new PHP version. Maybe you can use PPA for PHP. But that is normally not needed.

Unfortunately, I don’t know if you are still offered the updates at all. Your Nextcloud is completely outdated. Maybe you can use manual updates.

You can backup your old configuration and maybe use it in Nextcloud 27 with little changes. Maybe you should install the new Nextcloud under a different name on another server and when everything is running migrate to the old name. Make sure that nobody uses the old Nextcloud in the meantime .

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