Update to Nextcloud v28.x.x breaks Photos app

Since updating to Nextcloud v28.0.3 (from 27), no new photos were being displayed in Photos app preview.
Since have upgraded 2to 8.0.4 = same result

Nothing in Nextcloud or web server logs, console shows:

PROPFIND https://home.tld.com/remote.php/dav/files/user/Photos 404 (Not Found)
Error: Invalid response: 404 

Since starting to find solution the issue has worsened:

  • Custom colour and background image reverted to default (since initial v28 update)
  • Upon initial update, no new photos were displayed in Photos/All Media tab of Photos app, Videos tab has worked as normal and new videos shown
  • Disabled all but necessary apps
  • Disabled/Enabled Photos/
  • Same error in console
  • Now Photos app has somehow back-dated visibility of photos to two months ago!
  • This is ONLY photos, Videos section works fine, only when going to “All Media” or “Photos” does this occur.
  • When refreshing or scrolling through, the page slows to a crawl (ONLY on “All Media” or “Photos” tab)
  • “All Media” no longer shows Videos as well as photos (just older photos and very slow)

Running Nginx on a local ubuntu server, not within a container, exposed to web through https

Any ideas?