Update to NC13 internal server error



Hello, I updated to NC13 and now I have unaccessible user data - internal server error. Logon screen working correctly. All user data is on Nas share, I think that problem is on database? Access rights is correct and server after installation wrote: update successful. I’m using easy deployment with webadmin.
Android or windows clients works properly…

Please help… Thanks…


Hello, i had same problem. I am working on Raspbian stretch Linux. The zip-file comes with all file access right son root:root. For the web server you need to change it to www-data:www-data on Debian/Raspbian. After that even it did not work. There seems to be some issue with the zip-file…


This problem was resolved.
The solution is TRUNCATE oc_filecache table in sql database.
after this, nextcloud is working.