Update to 11 without using the command line


I just wanted to run the updater to upgrad my Nextcloud instance from 10.0.2 to 11.
Since my instance is hosted at 1und1 and they only have php5.5 enabled in the shell I am not able to complete the update…

Is there any way to run occ maintenance:upgrade without using the shell?

just run the updater app and select NO at the end. please find detailed information here:

cheers, carsten

Thanks for your answer!

But that does not help since I get the notification that my Nextcloud Instance is too big to be upgraded via the web updater…

By default, this warning is shown if you have more than 50 users. If you don’t, this is a bug and should be reported to the bugtracker. If you have more than 50, you should rather use the shell because the normal php sessions in the browser have some limitations (run time, memory limit) that can interrupt the update process and leave Nextcloud in an unspecified state.

If you just operate at the limit around this 50 users, you could manually raise this limit in the code. Don’t forget to make a full backup before. If you operate more than 50 users and plan to extent then usage, you should consider moving to a host where you have shell access. An own server or v-server comes with more control over the system which will increase the overall performance (faster php7 instead of php5.x, caching mechanisms, optimized sql settings, …).

Awesome! I have 54 users right now.

I’ll just kick some of my users that not yet logged in for the first time and recreate their accounts later!