Update speed so slow. 29.0.3

When using the script occ to update 29.0.3, the download speed is only slightly faster than a snail. 10Kb-80Kb. Slow crawl. I am in Singapore, and this speed is really pleasant.

Maybe you can use the manual update. You can download the needed zip-file from GitHub at the end of the page. Use it on your own risk. Make a backup.

It is a pity that the Nextcloud update software does not provide several sources or perhaps offers them in a very easily configurable way via config.php, e.g. to use local versions. Would perhaps be a nice issue. Maybe a developer is reading this.

It’s a shame that such great software doesn’t have more sources available. Let me wait and have a cup of coffee. Thanks for your reply, it’s so warm.

I have now in the last 5 minutes updated three of my Nextcloud servers to Nextcloud 29.0.3 here in Germany at two different hosters. The download was very fast.

Will Asia achieve a gratifying pace?

Check traceroute, ping or download from your server:

traceroute download.nextcloud.com
traceroute github.com
ping download.nextcloud.com
ping github.com
wget https://download.nextcloud.com/server/releases/nextcloud-23.0.3.zip
wget https://github.com/nextcloud/server/archive/refs/tags/v29.0.3.zip

Maybe you must use for Github:

traceroute codeload.github.com
ping codeload.github.com
wget https://codeload.github.com/nextcloud/server/zip/refs/tags/v29.0.3

I think the peering to Hetzner is the problem.

AS24940 Hetzner Online GmbH

Note: Please don’t use the GitHub ones within the server repo. They won’t work. These are source code snapshots, not complete release Archive assets. Use the link provided in the manual update chapter. :slight_smile:

It is a pity that the Nextcloud update software does not provide several sources or perhaps offers them in a very easily configurable way via config.php, e.g. to use local versions. Would perhaps be a nice issue. Maybe a developer is reading this.

I was doing some work on this a few weeks ago. There is already an issue tracking the enhancement for the Updater. Some work on the release artifact handling are needed to jump start that work again.

I’m an outside project contributor so I don’t have infrastructure access, but I would expect far better performance unless your network path latency (RTT) is just incredibly high or something. I’m in the US, and while the performance could be better, it’s never that low (unless there is an outage or something).

What’s your traceroute like to download.nextcloud.com?

Really? Thanks for the info. Then I take it all back. But are there mirrors anywhere? Outside from AS24940 ?

What we need is to start pushing the release artifacts (Archive files) to GitHub - nextcloud-releases/server: The server releases permanently. This will facilitate both fast rapid manual downloads and also pave the way for the Updater adjustments to use GH too.


Not that I’m aware of.

I don’t know how many users really like the Nextcloud application. But if there are problems with BGP routing with AS24940 at some point, that would be very bad for all Nextcloud servers worldwide. All Nextcloud servers depend on this autonomous system and the Hetzner server. And it seems that access from some parts of the world is not quite so fast.

1 Like ms 2.651 ms 2.408 ms ms 2.934 ms2.951 ms
SN-SINQT1-B0117-ae5.singnet.com.sg ( ms 3.554 Ms 3.538 ms
SN-SINQT1-B0403-ae0.singnet.com.sg ( ms 3.142 ms 3.019 ms ms 2.695 ms 3.030 ms
xn-lhrcl1-bo706.ix.singtel.com ( ms 3.346 ms 3.407 ms ms 4.110 ms 4.088 ms ms 199.266 ms 199.246 ms

n-ea11-i.N.DE.NET.DTAG.DE( ms214.513 ms214.442 ms
n-ea11-i.N.DE.NET.DTAG.DE ( ms215.265 ms 215.249 ms ms 215.326 ms 214.726 ms
core22.fsn1.hetzner.com ( 216.931 ms core21.fsn1.hetzner.com ( ms*ex9k1.dc12.fsn1.hetzner.com ( ms **

download.nextcloud.com ( ms 217.677 ms 217.726 ms

This looks… AS7473 · Singapore Telecommunications Ltd AS3320 · Deutsche Telekom AG

Maybe a problem between Singapore Telecommunications Ltd and Deutsche Telekom AG. But this is only the ping and a long distance.

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@wuwzy If you get a chance, I’d be curious what downloading one of the previously linked source code snapshots zip/tarballs from GitHub performs like for you (in terms of performance).

Obviously you can’t use what gets downloaded to update, but your test would give an idea what the performance improvement would be like if the Updater enhancement gets done.

I don’t have my notes handy, but when I was testing against GitHub (versus download.nextcloud.com) for the proposed Updater enhancement few weeks ago, the performance boost for me was quite considerable…

When I was still using 16.17, I used the method you mentioned, and the speed was acceptable. But sometimes it was a bit tedious. Now I use the php updater/updater.phar method. It has been smooth, but this time it is ridiculously slow.

What I mean is downloading through one of the links such as, for example, this one from your Nextcloud server to see if it’s a lot (or just a little) faster for you. For testing, not to install.

That will give me an indication whether making the change to how/where the Updater currently downloads would help your situation or not.

DTAG is known for letting peers suffer with high latency so that they cough more money to buy more bandwidth.

Wake up. I’ll try what you said when I have time.

This is a headache, sleep, the update download is complete. Drink coffee and continue to fight.