Update Quick notes failed

I am running nextcloud 28.0.2 with not problems. I received a notification for an update for Quick notes and clicked update. This what I received: An error occurred during the request. Unable to proceed.
Database error when running migration 2001Date20171031102049 for app spreed Column “oc_talk_participants”.“inCall” is type Bool and also NotNull, so it can not store “false”.
Can anyone help?

Are you using the Talk app? spreed is the talk app and unrelated to the Quick Notes app.

Maybe you inadvertently triggered an installation (or at least update) of it as well?

If you’re not using Talk, just disable it. If you are using, we’ll need to look a little closer because:

  • That’s a really old database migration 2001Date20171031102049 and based on the code in it and the error you’re seeing, it sort of sounds like you once had Talk installed then disabled it long ago. Then it got re-added recently and is trying to use a very outdated database table.

Talk was disabled, so I removed it. I no longer see the upgrade to “Quick Notes” Will wait to see what happens from here.

Thanks, for response.

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