Update position from linux command line shellscript

Hi guys, i wrote a little shellscript: https://pastebin.com/wS6HW5KL

This script should be able to run on any distribution with gpsd and gpsctl commands.

I put this line in my /etc/rc.local

/root/phonetracker.sh &

so it runs every bootup automatically

Hi, thank you for the script. It’s exactly what I was looking for. However in my distros (arch and debian) gpsctl has completely different options. The ones needed are not available for me.

Please see here for a man page to what I have. Is there another command I need?


Thank you.

Ok, seems that Teltonika had replaced/extended the standard gpsd. I’ll have a look at my router which gpsd/gpsctl is used.

Ok, had a look at it. Seems Teltonika has modified gpsd with modified gpsctl.
No versionnumber, no infos at all.

Thank you for your feedback. That explains a lot.