Update or reinstall? Also Q re autoinstallers

A few brief questions.

I’m currently running Nextcloud version 12.0.3 and have been having some errors as per this thread: Security & setup warnings, error log? which I haven’t been able to fully resolve.

I would like to either upgrade to or install the latest version ( 13 ).

When I initially installed Nextcloud I did it via the softaculous installer.

  1. Does Softaculous cause issues? Is it better to just install the ‘official’ way using setup-nextcloud.php

  2. Rather than upgrade, in my instance, would it just be better to delete the lot and start again?

(At the moment I only have three users and 4 documents, no calendars so none of that is a real issue).

Thanks for your guidance.

Never mind. I wiped and fresh installed. :slight_smile: