Update on 32-bit support: decision to block the update on Nextcloud 26 reverted

I will just say from past experience that nothing speaks quite like a project willing to change course based on community feedback.


What a great news. :tada::partying_face:

  • Supports sustainability (every not replaced but still capable piece of hardware is a win for the planet) - even affected users „only“ were bought some more time to migrate
  • NC team proves they listen to the base/community and did a lessons learned with detailed actions afterwards like e. g. clear communication. Well appreciated.

This really reestablished a lot of the shortly lost trust (for me). Thank you.

If only maintainers like especially NC News would (re)prioritize 32 bit like that. It’s always a huge difference between not being able of using new features (like office integration) and not being able to continue using well-known long-term used apps like NC News. See News update 16.0.0 with not fulfilled dependencies · Issue #1423 · nextcloud/news · GitHub for the heated discussion at that time.

I‘m already supporting devs on GitHub fixing breaking changes introduced with NC v25. Looking forward to NC 26+.


I just registered to say thank you for this decision.
We are using our raspberry pi for nextcloud and other thing (like Kodi with widevine). 64bit versions are just not available for parts of kodi which would have made it impossible to change to a 64bit OS.
Thanks for that great news.


I was wondering if this warning from /settings/admin/overview will be modified or even removed?

It seems like you are running a 32-bit PHP version. Nextcloud 26 and higher require 64-bit. Please upgrade your OS and PHP to 64-bit! For further details read [the documentation page about this ↗](https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/25/go.php?to=admin-system-requirements).

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Update quoting @Andy :

Quite some important news, I put it in a bit more prominent position on the forum.

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Even if i think dropping 32bit was a correct move. I feel that it was not communicated with the community the correct way. And it was a bit wonky just to see it dropped without any big post about it.

This post corrects that. S beautiful and very nicely put post and a good decision! Most excellently put.

Nice @Daphne more of these pretty please :slight_smile:

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I’d like to ask you to reconsider also to make builds, even if untested, for older version of MacOS. I certainly won’t throw my 10y old perfectly working iMac27 away just because some nextcloud guy thinks that I am taking unreasonable security risks to run a 10y old machine that is not updated. So now I have to synchronize it with command line, and it really sucks. Just my five cents.

Nice example of transparent communication. Bad example of evolution. Good work.

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So long as support for 64-bit RPI remains strong, I would support dropping 32-bit, if it adds more work and slows development. Perhaps doing a community survey to gauge community support for dropping it in 25 or 26, or after a year.
I’m a home user. Thank you for everything you do.

I’m happy to hear that Nextcloud 26 will continue to support 32-bit. When I initially deployed Nextcloud on a Raspberry Pi (841 days ago and counting), Raspbian OS was 32-bit.

So, my only option for moving to 64-bit is to do a complete reinstall of the OS and Nextcloud. The decision to continue support of 32-bit gives me time to make that move.


Thank you for 32 bits support !
I have 2 Raspberry Pi alive ! They will not go to the trash and pollute the planet :slight_smile:
We have all the time needed to wait for good and stable releases :wink: as it’s free :slight_smile:

Thx guyz !


Somehow I just came across this announcement now.

Anyhow, I greatly appreciate that after the initial debacle, this issue has been taken seriously, and the team decided to improve communication and predictability. This goes a great length to restore trust in the NC project as a whole.

(It’s a little bit overshadowed by the unannounced deprecation of the Projects feature in the same release, which caused just as much headache to many of us, but that’s another discussion.)

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I think we’re all aware that support for 32-bit isn’t going to last forever. However, it would be really nice to have this as long as possible, and as long as existing 32-bit hardware have mostly adequate performance to run NC nicely (e.g. my Odroid HC2 is still plenty capable).

The other thing that we would like to have is clear communication about roadmap (concerning 32-bit, among all the other aspects of NC), and sufficiently early notice of future drop of support to enable us to properly prepare. In my understanding, the result of the above explained reflections is an emphasis on this by the team, which is hugely welcome and appreciated.


I’ve already offered my help in testing the upgrade process here.

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Well, it’s not the fault of Nextcloud that your Mac does not receive any updates. I’d try to see if you can get other OS running that still receive support, perhaps there are some Linux or BSD images that can run. On these OS, you can easily run Nextcloud as well.


Wow, how could I have missed that until now :smile:. I’m positively surprised!

Having a 32-bit Nextcloud instance here as well, so can help testing too, and did/will do so for future Nextcloud (beta) versions.

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Update on this: Andy informed me the beta 2 release was not feasible to reach for 32-bit support, it will be for beta 3.

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Will it require another subversion of NC25 to have the NC26 blocker removed, or is the blocker in NC26 or update server code only?