"It seems like you are running a 32-bit PHP version. Nextcloud needs 64-bit to run well. Please upgrade your OS and PHP to 64-bit!

I pressed upgrade…
your thing said “Hey all good…”

it progressed to upgrade me… but then failed in a big way, i later found on the foums that 25 only supports x64 ?

why didn’t the prechecks find this and warn me?

(restored back to 24.0.6 as i had an image so no problems) but really… you need to warn users

@syker69 Do you have any links to substantiate this? The only discussion on the forum has been in regards to no longer actively developing 32-bit, but no one has stated that they cannot still use Nextcloud at all afaik.

Please provide logs. :heart:

Hi, it maybe unrelated… but this was the first NC upgrade thats failed for me… (24.0.6->25)
someone found that PHP needed to be x64 for NC 25 (I was looking for reasons why my upgrade failed tonight(

"It seems like you are running a 32-bit PHP version. Nextcloud needs 64-bit to run well. Please upgrade your OS and PHP to 64-bit! For further details read the documentation page about this "

this was just as i clicked on upgrade (my 24.0.6 on a 32bit pi php7.4 install) which downloaded/backed up etc but when it said to disable maintenance mode and continue, my NC instance died it failed to upgrade…
(i restored from an image taken before upgrade so im back on 24.0.6 no issues)

the post i saw relating to x64 was

as for logs none… i just restored my SSD image to pre upgrade.
I Can of course repeat it if you tell me how to gather whatever you need

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@syker69 Thanks!! Do have have this documentation link?

I ran into the same problem with the 25RC releases. Also had the same PHP 32bit warning. I upgraded my Raspberry Pi4 to the 64bit arm64 OS on SD card and reinstalled the RC5 of nextcloud.
Since a few days it runs perfect now!

Also imported over 100k of pictures, 2000 contacts, Documents and a lot more. Did not have any issues with it yet. It also seems that my Rapsberry is a lot faster than my Intel NUC System with older i3 cores and 12 GB of RAM on Ubuntu 22.04 64bit, which is a bit weird.

It looks like Cannot access files after upgrade to Nextcloud 25 is fixed.

But what does is mean “Nextcloud needs 64-bit to run well”?
Which is the depency on this architecure?
I really don’t want to set up my Raspi from scratch and reinstall all the applications.
What will happen if i stay with 32-bit?
NC worked well on 32-bit up to now. What changed with NC v25?

You can stay on Nextcloud 24, which will be supported through 5/2023 end of life, then you’ll need to move to 64-bit hardware.

If you are on 32-bit you will have no choice. If you are using a Pi 3 or newer you can migrate if you have an older 32-bit image installed, because Pi foundation moved to 64-bit a year or two ago:


I just upgraded my nextcloud instance and experienced the same problems.

I am running on a QNAP 32bit ARM model via docker. The docker hub page for these images say “DOCKER OFFICIAL IMAGE” so I suppose this is in some way official.

How can it then be that I am upgraded to a docker image for architecture ‘linux/arm/v7’ when apparently this is a version that is no longer supported for that architecture? Is it just me or is just strange? Shouldn’t they then have dropped support for the 32-bit docker images for Nextcloud version 25?

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The drop of support has been progressive as opposed to explicit. So, I’m sure they will remove the Docker images which are probably part of some automated build process eventually.

According to the latest documentation 64-bit is officially required to run Nextcloud.

I’m not sure what this means. Progressive drop of support? Explicit drop of support? Do you mean that for now it should work and when it no longer does, they’ll remove the 32 bit docker images?

I meant the docker images must be official, even though they seem to be for unsupported platforms.

I mean 32-bit support was deprecated by Nextcloud back in July with this pull request. So it wasn’t explicitly cutting the cord so much as “don’t expect it to keep working much longer.” Here is the NextcloudPi statement from that time because the overall transition away has been slowly happening for about 3 years.

Hope this helps give a better understanding.

Currently only working on 24 and earlier, as of now.
25 no longer supports 32-bit (as you know) so I expect the Docker images will be removed at some point, probably soon.

OK, thanks :slight_smile:

I just want to find out whether there are people still running NC on 32-bit platforms like a little older NASes or similar?

How many of you have been aware that 32-bit support’s been in the process of being phased out for several years? How many of you were caught off-guard when Hub 3 explicitely dropped support?

Of course they are. That is why this has been an on-going point of discussion.

No doubt many.

It was not intentional, which is why support is coming back as of 25.0.2 until nc26

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Good to hear. Being aware, and having some leftover time to make the transition is much more manageable and less annoying!

Just came across this news:
Update on 32-bit support: decision to block the update on Nextcloud 26 reverted