Update of Version 14.0.14 to 15.0.12


I run a private Nextcloud server.
Now I see that version 14 is no longer supported. Some time ago (I think 2 years ago) I wanted to update. However, the update was faulty and I had to restore the original state using a backup.
At that time I was advised to stick with version 14.0.24 for the time being.

Now I would like to carry out the update after all.
Can I simply carry out the standard procedure? Like on the page Nexcloud updaten | Hilfe | PixelX.

Unfortunately I’m not very familiar with the IT world, so I’m grateful for any tips.


Unfortunately, I do not know whether an update of Nextcloud 14 is still possible at all. But if so, you would have to update all intermediate versions from 15 to 28. This will not only take a long time, but will also go wrong somewhere. But you can give it a try. Make a backup first. Export also contacts and calendar if you use it.

I recommend a complete reinstallation with Nextcloud 28. You can export contacts and calendars from the old Nextcloud and import them into the new Nextcloud. You can also copy the files to the new Nextcloud and have them reimported with sudo -u www-data php occ files:scan --all. However, shares and other information that Nextcloud has saved will be lost.

Alternatively, you can get a Managed Nextcloud such as the one from the hoster you mentioned, PixelX. There you can perform updates with one click or the hoster will take care of it. Here you can only transfer your files and will lose the remaining Nextcloud structures.

Read Maintenance and Release Schedule · nextcloud/server Wiki · GitHub . Nextcloud 14 is EOL since 2019-09.

To add on this (since the post ist tagged for talk), you will also loose all conversations in talk when doing a clean installation.

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Yesterday I managed to upgrade Ubuntu 18 to Ubuntu 20. In the process, I also updated Nextcloud to version 20. Unfortunately I don’t have time to continue today. But let’s see if it continues to work so well.
Since I don’t have much experience and a former acquaintance set up Nextcloud and my homepage via one webserver without any documentation, I hope to be able to carry out the updates without reinstalling.