Update Nextcloud docker image in openmediavault

Hey guys, I am hosting Nextcloud in my Openmediavault (https://www.openmediavault.org). OMV has a web gui for docker which is very practical. But there is also a big disadvantage.

Nextcloud docker image holds a lot of parameters. Its hard to check for updated ones and I think many of them are only release specific like PHP version. I do not understand why I should specify a PHP version, if the PHP binaries in the image are given.

Does someone know, if these parameters have an influence on the docker container?

I’m not familiar with OMV, but the normal procedure to update is to remove the container (keeping web root and data volumes), pull new image, and start a new container with the new image and previous volumes. Nothing really involving PHP.

Okay. I guess you are right. In case of OMV they did not differ the different parameter types. There are predefined parameters (like NEXTCLOUD_VERSION) and custom (like MYSQL_DATABASE). In the gui all gets the same which makes it hard for update.

I guess I have to get in contact with the OMV guys :frowning: