Update mess / forced to us command line (how?)

I am on a virtual host with nextcloud.

While version 9 was running ok I followed the recommendation to upgrade - and now I am locked out…

While the upgrade went through via the webinterface I now look at my login page which states:

Aktualisierung erforderlich

Da Sie eine große Instanz von Nextcloud besitzen, wird die Benutzung des Aktualisierungsprogrammes über die Kommandozeile empfohlen.

Für weitere Hilfen, schauen Sie bitte in die Dokumentation.

I am stuck here and really frustrated - why a web updater when you need the commandline in the end anyway.

The whole upgrade process is as bad as it was with owncloud.

I have no clue about messing around with the command line and the work of days (creating a ton of accounts for my students) is gone while I am basically locked out. :frowning:

How can I finally finish the upgrade?

You’re not locked out and your installation is fine, it’s only protecting you from a failure by recommending you head to the commandline to complete the process. Here’s the documentation snippet:

If you have a large Nextcloud installation and have shell access, you should use the occ upgrade command, running it as your HTTP user, instead of clicking the Start Update button, in order to avoid PHP timeouts.
This example is for Ubuntu Linux:

sudo -u www-data php occ upgrade

What OS are you using, and do you have SSH access to it?

I am on a shared hosting server. They use Linux but I don’t know which distro.

I may have SSH access but there are tons of sites on this account and I am anxious that I mess something up.

I made it… Thanks for the advice!

I made a feature request to improve the reporting of the updater app:

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