Update hangs while creating a backup

When starting the update, the item creating backup hangs for a very long time as shown in the picture,

On FTP, a folder contains a folder which in turn contains an update folder again and so on without end until I go back to the page in the browser…


where xxXxxXXXxxXx some kind a lettres and numbers

I think I was clear in my explanation?

Thank you to your answers

You’re saying that repeating string is a single file path?

What’s the underlying filesystem?


What is your configured datadirectory in your config.php relative to this path?

The Updater itself logs to a file called updater.log in your data directory. That may also be helpful to review.

And check free disk space.


Sorry, don’t understand the question… I use ubuntu server, with nextcloud in sub-directory. Data is on another mounted disk datadirectory = /mnt/disk/data_cloud. All works fine exept the update…
I don’t find updater.log file in my data directory :anguished: