Update from Nextcloud 19.0.5 to 20.0.2 - My personal nightmare

This is my first own topic here:

Some Infos:
My Nextcloud is running on a shared hosting
PHP 7.3?
Apache2 ?

Since I wanted to update my productive cloud from 19.0.5 to 20.0.2 I switched to the beta channel. Immediately the update was shown to me. Hurray!

Great, let’s use the updater directly.

So Updater started. But the updater stopped again and again at different points.
Okay, could be the PHP memory limit, I thought so. It is shared hosting!

So lets do the update manually!

Backup? I don’t need a backup. I am the best administrator in the world!

Read instructions? Reading a manual is something for beginners. I am the best administrator in the world. I don’t need something like this. Everything is quite simple.

Download the file “nextcloud-20.0.2.zip” and unzip it. It worked wonderfully.

The “config.php” might be important and should not be overwritten. I heard that once.
No problem: Let’s just delete the “config” directory in the unzipped folder. Then the “config.php” cannot be overwritten either. That should be enough.

And here we go: Let’s upload everything via FTP to the server. It will already work if I say that all files on the server should be overwritten during the upload.

After a few minutes the upload was successful. Hurray!

So Nextcloud was called up again and yes, Nextcloud also wanted to do the update directly. Confirmed with one click and everything was great!

Okay, there were some messages about some database issues. That’s what OCC is for! It’s simple: the commands are in the message. Executed, and at least these messages are gone.

But then there is something about integrity checks. There is even a list displayed. Oh, the list has only 76,000 lines. How can that be? I am the best administrator in the world!

Am I really the best administrator in the world? NO!

BUT I just wanted to do everything wrong, that can only be done wrong. Just to understand the people here in the forum. But this don’t work.

If you have managed to read so far, I can only give you a few tips: RTFM, RTFM, RTFM and not to forget RTFM! But thoroughly!

NOT Nextcloud is faulty! The error is usually sitting in front of the screen.

I have used only the following documentation for this:

Nextcloud is very stable. I have tried to destroy my cloud and it was almost impossible.


So does it works now again?

So, if it is a production system… did you at least back it up so you could restore it after switching to a crazy beta? :heart:


sorry for your major troubles you’re facing… I hope you’ll get them staight again. But I couldn’t help but laugh outr loud about your text from above. hilarious. Thanks for that!


Of course: My Cloud is up again and runs smoothly. With some small restrictions you have with a shared hoster. But I can live with that.
It looks like you will have to burn down the server to destroy a cloud. :upside_down_face:


As I Wrote: I have not made a backup.
But you get what you pay for. My hosting provider makes regular backups of the servers. I only need to ask him to provide me a backup. But I have not needed it so far. :wink:


Most of the time I needed to delete the files via FTP. That was the major trouble.
So I had the time to write the text. :rofl:

Now my wife can finally share her cat pics. :joy: