Update from Nextcloud 10

Nextcloud version 10.0:
Operating system and version _ Ubuntu 16.04:
PHP version 5.6.36 - up till 7.2 is available:

The issue you are facing:
As an administrator I looked for a possible update and found in german that nextcloud 10.0 could be updated to owncloud 9.1.8 what must I do to update to the next nextcloud?

Nextcloud 10.0 (production)

Entwickelt von der Nextcloud community, der Quellcode ist lizensiert unter AGPL-Lizenz.

Eine neue Version ist verfügbar: ownCloud 9.1.8


You are using NC 10 right?

In your case the update is not detected correctly. I don’t know why, did you migrate from ownCloud before and some update-servers are not correct? I’d run a manual upgrade, you get the code for the next major release (NC 11) from: https://nextcloud.com/changelog/#latest11

for manual upgrades:

Login and verify all apps that it is working properly. Note that support for NC 11 was stopped earlier this year, so you should then continue to upgrade to NC 12. You can probably go further to NC 13 which is now out for some time now and NC 12 support will be dropped with the next release later this year.
Upgrades to NC 12 and 13 can be done with manual upgrades, or if the updater app shows the correct version, you can give the updater app a chance.

Thank You,

I have saved your Text and will do a manual upgrade soon.
There is another install where I succesfully ran the updater.

This Install was made new, I haven’t looked at it for some time.
In the process of moving to a newer server I found more owncloud-installs that will be updated to nextcloud when I have more time.

Kind regards,