Update from 21.0.3 to 21.0.4 fails due to "Check for expected files"

Hi ,
I’m trying to upgrade my nextcloud from vers. 21.0.3 to 21.0.4 , however it fails pretty early in the process with the message “Check for expected files” and not only 1 but 9
Check Error
Nextcloud is running on an server with Debian 10 / PHP 7.4 / and has been upgraded before several times without problems. The same question has been discussed here before but usually it was only 1 files in question.

Any idea whats going on ?


I was a bit confused by the term “extra files” and could not find any files. As a matter of fact the system was ref. to directories. Most of them not even empty. I moved them to another location and now the upgrade worked as planned.
Question is now where these directories came from ?
Anyway case closed for now

If you use management systems for your server, they can generated a folder structure for a given vhost. Or you install / extract something you can do it at the nextcloud path by accident (or because it’s in the default webhost location), … Sometimes the date or the owner can give a clue…