Update from 20.08 to 20.09 shown but 21 selected?


today NC 20.08 informed me to update to 20.09.

Running the online Updater, it shows Version 21 instead of 20.09.
I stopped the installation, as my hosted NC does not support the needed Sql Version (5.7.33 instead 8).

Is this behavior a Bug of the updater? Do I need Version 20.09 to update to 21 later after the sql Server Update is done?

Keep save all,

Hmm, thought I am the only one.
2nd report :slight_smile:

same here. was running version 20.08
notifier told me 20.09 is available but upgrader did 21.01

try switching to the beta channel

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but if you are using collaborra online, there is a problem with opening spreadsheets via SMB.
in version 20.08 everything is fine.

This is the solution.

I do not understand, why 20.09 should be in the beta channel. It is listed as stable, isn’t it?

Also, i don’t like the idea to have to use the beta channel from now on. My hoster does not support the newer MySQL version required for 21 yet. Why is there no stable 20.* channel?

Work here too, but for me it’s not clear why I have to switch to the beta channel.

After the update I switched back to the stable channel.

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I’m glad to see I’m not the only person concerned by the “sneaky” upgrade to version 21 prompt. I had the notice for 20.0.9 by email and in my admin Overview pane, but every time I click on Open Updater, it tries to force me to upgrade to 21.0.1 with no way to choose 20.0.9. Glancing at forum posts about upgrades to version 21, It looks like they have the potential for some major disruption, so I will wait for 20.0.9 to emerge from Beta status. The upgrade from version 19 to 20 was bumpy enough for me. I don’t need more drama in my life. I value stability over new features.