Update from 16.0.7 to current Version

Hi all,

I’m not that familiar with Debian or nextcloud yet. Now I have to update the Nextcloud from version 16.0.7 to the current one.

The cloud was installed with snap so I backup the files according to the instructions:

( `nextcloud.export)

After that:
sudo snap remove nextcloud
sudo snap install nextcloud

sudo nextcloud.import “path/to/backup/dir”

All looks fine, no error message etc but when I try to load the page it says “Page not found”

Any help?

Not working with snap, but overall you have to move your NC 16 via all Major Versions. → 17 → 18 → 19 → 20 → 21. To do so, simply update your “channel” in snap and perform update:
As per Release strategy · nextcloud/nextcloud-snap Wiki · GitHub

sudo snap refresh nextcloud --channel=<channel>
# First will be 17
sudo snap refresh nextcloud --channel=17/stable

Many Thanks.
I thought I could just take out the data, reinstall nextcloud and restore the data.

Does he change anything in the data from update to update?

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Update will do DB and some Apps update only. If you have small installation and no relevant data there (like share links, user settings), you can simply move data directory to newly installed NC with latest version and pre-configured users.