Update for Nextcloud 12?

Will there be an update for Nextcloud 12?


I’m interested in it too, because I didn’t find the way to sort app icons in “brand new app menu” in NC12.

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I really need a way to order apps in the menu and to set the number of visible apps before the scroll down menu !

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I have the same Problem. How can i sort the Apps or can i allow more apps in this row?

You can pull it directly from github seeing as it didnt arrive to the store yet. The UX changed as now you dont drag and drop icons on the top bar anymore, but you can arrange the apps in your presonal settings.

I can active AppOrder in NC 12 now, but it seems to ignore my own order settings.

Do you know if it’ll be possible to get back the ability to drag and drop icons on the top bar?

I dont think so, but you can now disable apps you dont use but are enabled globally