Update failed - can't access via web

Nextcloud version :
Operating system and version : Ubuntu 22.04
Apache version : 2.4.52
PHP version : 8.1.2-1

Update failed and I can no longer access my nextcloud via web interface and the android app states that it is in maintenance mode, though it doesn’t appear to be



I have also gone to /updater and tried my “updater.secret” to login but it says it is incorrect.

Total noob with NextCloud and almost noob to Linux, happy to provide any information you might need to assist. Also thanks in advance.

If you don’t tell us your envoirement, we can’t help you…


Hi there thanks, as I said I am a complete noob to this, so apologies. I have updated the original post to include the environment and another thing I attempted. If there is anything more I need to add just let me know and I will get back to you with it no problem!


did you reboot ubuntu?
Have a look in config.php ( ‘maintenance’ => false, )
service mysql restart
service apache2 restart
Do both services run without problems?
Any hints in the nextcloud and the machine-logs?

I had restarted Ubuntu and had already checked the config file for the maintenance mode parameter.

Both MYSQL and apache2 restarted and ran without issue

Logs only showed (to my untrained eye) that it was having some sort of issue authenticating each time I visited the web interface.

I attempted a manual upgrade, just to see:

In the end after reading this guide, I used only the following terminal command within the nextcloud installation directory

sudo -u www-data php occ upgrade

It ran through the upgrade process and resolved the issue completely.

Thanks for your assistance! I will mark this as the solution as it worked for me.

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