Update doesn't work due to extra files...but they don't actually exist

Just trying to update to Nextcloud 24.0.2 from 24.0.1

However I’m getting this error message;

  • Check for expected files

The following extra files have been found:

  • .DS_Store
  • @eaDir

The problem is (yes using Synology Filebrowser), these files do not exist in the docker folder at all. The DS_Store files at least should appear.

Is there a way to get Nextcloud to refresh file list? Or is there a specific directory in NC that I should be looking at to make sure they are all vanilla files?

Totally lost here. :frowning:

Send proper logs please

022-06-22T07:31:05+0000 DrOPToLH1k [info] getChangelogURL()
2022-06-22T07:31:05+0000 DrOPToLH1k [info] end of checkForUpdate() Update to Nextcloud 24.0.2 available. (channel: “stable”)
Following file will be downloaded automatically: https://download.nextcloud.com/server/releases/nextcloud-24.0.2.zip
Open changelog :arrow_upper_right:
2022-06-22T07:31:07+0000 6tJoA47OXW [info] request to updater
2022-06-22T07:31:07+0000 6tJoA47OXW [info] currentStep()
2022-06-22T07:31:07+0000 6tJoA47OXW [info] POST request for step “1”
2022-06-22T07:31:07+0000 6tJoA47OXW [info] startStep(“1”)
2022-06-22T07:31:07+0000 6tJoA47OXW [info] checkForExpectedFilesAndFolders()
2022-06-22T07:31:07+0000 6tJoA47OXW [error] POST request failed with UpdateException
2022-06-22T07:31:07+0000 6tJoA47OXW [error] Exception: UpdateException
#0 /config/www/nextcloud/updater/index.php(1362): Updater->checkForExpectedFilesAndFolders()
#1 {main}
[0] => .DS_Store
[1] => @eaDir

2022-06-22T07:31:07+0000 6tJoA47OXW [info] rollbackChanges(“1”)
2022-06-22T07:31:07+0000 6tJoA47OXW [info] unlink .step
2022-06-22T07:31:07+0000 6tJoA47OXW [info] end of rollbackChanges()

I am always deleting extra files before the update, but i am not sure what will happen if you delete Synology system files

Delete the config.php in /pathtonextcloud/config/config.php. Make sure to have a backup of it beforehand.
When you have deleted it, restart your host and try to update again.

I would not do that!


As i said, make a backup and reboot. Config should regenerate itself. Had my updates cancelled a few times with an edited config. Removed it and worked like 7/10 times.

if you save it prior, you’ll be good to go and can just restore it

Unfortunately it won’t work. It’s hard work maintaining NC tbh. May as well just stick with 24 for a few years.


It looks like you are trying to reinstall your Nextcloud. However the file CAN_INSTALL is missing from your config directory. Please create the file CAN_INSTALL in your config folder to continue.

Seems to be an issue going back to 2016…

Nextcloud does not allow any extra files or folders, you have to delete them before updating.

Those are hidden system files of Synology DSM and that’s why they are not displayed on the Synology filebrowser.

But Nextcloud will see these files anyway, as long as you don’t tell Synology not to do so.

And then the NC update will work.

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Ok, so if anyone else stumbles upon this thread.

Using task scheduler, create something like this

find /volume1/docker/nextcloud -type d -name “@eaDir” -print0 | xargs -0 rm -rf

Hope it helps

Also for DS_Store

find /volume1/docker/nextcloud -type f -name “DS_Store” -print0 | xargs -0 rm -rf

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