Update (command line) hangs updating <dav> [SOLVED]

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While upgrading from V26.0.3 to 27.0.0 via the updater.phar the updater hangs on
Nextcloud Version : 26.0.3
PHP Version : 8.1

Not sure what details you need, and I was unable to capture log files, since this is a production server I had to get it back online so I restored from a snapshot, and totally forgot to preserve the logs. This fails every time I attempt to do the upgrade. Originally I was on php8, and then upgraded to 8.1 to see if that would help, but it did not. Sticking with 8.1 for now since the end goal is to get to V28 which required 8.1

Any help would be greatly appreciated on this.


I think I know what is happening, we use LDAP for account login and creation, and we have nearly 2000 accounts. I think it’s just going through each account and performing some kind up upgrade, because I re-ran the upgrade and watching the logs this time and it is making TONS of ldap querries and it looks like it is going through each account on the system… I think I just need to wait it out.

Yes, that was it… I just had to wait it out (took forever) and now all is good.


Hi I also encountered the problem, buit i always stuck the “Updateing ” status…,
How long you waited for the case(2000 accounts)?

This seems to be a major issue as we have an instance that’s connected to LDAP with almost 100,000 users and with the upgrade from 26.0.4 to 27.0.1 it seems to want to sync with every contact to update the ‘System’ CardDav account which is taking hours!!

In the meantime, the system is reporting as being in maintenance mode but it doesn’t really seem that this is a mission critical task that should have to be completed before the upgrade is reported as complete. Shouldn’t it just be something that can be addressed with a CLI task run via cron or manually after the upgrade itself is complete?