Update 20.0.2 > 20.0.3 fails with extra file error


I migrated my nextcloud recently from Ubuntu 18.04 Server to 20.04 Server with new base but mostly same configuration regarding nginx, php, mariadb and redis. This just for context, if this could be part of the issue here.

Everything I tested works fine so far not facing any problems on the general functionality.
It’s the first time since, that I want to update my nextcloud.

It says that there is an unexpected extra called “html”.
On the whole server is no file named just “html”.

(It’s the same if I run with updater.phar)

Did this error occure with someone else, too ?
And how do I receive the full path of this extra file ?

Thank you in advance.
Best regards.

Check the Nextcloud document root directory for any directory or file called “html” and move it away or delete it.

Well yeah, that was way too easy. Thank you.

I took the error message a little bit too literal, only searched for files with this name.
In the root is a directory called “html”, moved it > update worked again.

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