Update 17.0.8 to 18.0.7 - php version change - no update button

got an info to update my installation, but I have no update button :frowning:
Read some hints, this problem appears because my php version 7.1 is no more supported bei NC 18.x
but how to update with browser panel? If I switch to PHP 7.2, NC is not running anymore
If I switch back to PHP 7.1 NC is running again, but I can not update, because of missing button/wrong php version.
My provider support cpanel installation, which would be another way to update. But it try to update to 19.0.1, which seems not to supported. First update to 18.x :frowning:

which is the right way to update 17.x to 18.x ?
update with browser would be great, if possible.

I have the same problem and need a solution as well.

The PHP update isn’t in the responsibility of Nextcloud. You need to do it on your own or ask your hoster for support. If you’re switch the PHP version, you have to make sure that ALL required PHP modules are installed, enabled and configured for both the PHP web and the PHP cli component. Once you’ve done this, Nextcloud should start without a problem.

If any problem appears, you should check the web server and Nextcloud log file.
Additionally it is always a good idea to use the search function of this forum to find answers on your questions first, because this kind of question is being asked ans answered on a regular base in this forum :wink:

Hi, I searched and did not found an answer for my problem :wink:

Your solution did not work for me. I can switch php to 7.2 or higher without problems, but after php upgrade NC 17 do not run anymore. How to start web updater to NC 18 without working NC ??

It’s not any web server related problem.

where can I check/find, which php modules need to be installed for NC17, not necessary for NC17

Nextcloud v17 supports PHP 7.2 as you can see here. The required PHP modules are also listed in the documentation.

See also: https://help.nextcloud.com/search?q=php%20upgrade

I read your search hint, but again, updating php to 7.2+ is not the problem.
But how can I upgrade with web updater, if NC17 is not running anymore, because php now > 17.1 ?

okay, found a way to update without web updater
Update php version and then
–> nextcloud/updater/updater.phar

runs fine first, but ended in an error

Update of code successful.

Should the “occ upgrade” command be executed? [Y/n] y
An unhandled exception has been thrown:
Doctrine\DBAL\DBALException: Failed to connect to the database: An exception occurred in driver: could not find driver in /home/abc/mycloud.com/nextcloud/lib/private/DB/Connection.php:67

hmm, and now? How to fix this ?
any hint/tip is welcome.

one php modul was missing --> nd_mysqli

Hi I had the same problem but after update to latest version of 17.0.9(?) I was able to change to php7.2 and could update to 18 and then to 19.

Once the correct PHP version is set up on the server, the “Open updater” button might still be missing. In my case, it helped switching the update channel to “Beta” and back to “Stable” for the button to finally re-appear (update from 17.0.10 to 18.0.10 in my case by now).